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Spring / summer 2013 color trends

Spring 2012 may just dawned and autumn / winter 2012 remains a distant speck on the horizon, but already fashion focused look at the fashion season, which is a year since spring / summer 2013.
After the break you can find one of the first reports, color trends for women’s fashion season.
Design Options, a California agency forecast, highlight three separate spring 2013 fashion trends for women.

Spring 2013 color trend: Earth Daze

Daze Design Options to see the Earth as the spring 2013 fashion trend, which lasts from 1960 and tribal spring 2012 fashion statements;
Burnt orange and brown tones of bewilderment and brutalize peaceful connect ideas and Flair 1960. Deep Burgundy and Provence intense blue shades and ornaments add delikatności timeless artistry on the canvas.
Artful, with touches of agility and civilization.
The key is brocade, velvet, paisley and tribal prints, while the associated colors for spring 2013 are as follows:

Spring 2013 color trend: Natural Expression

A former fashion trend could be called Daze Earth by design capabilities, but it is a natural expression of that actually has a strong earthy colors.
Earthy gray and olive tones suggest the concept of rustic beauty of the background of silk georgette. Cornflower blue and teal shades Debutante gracious and gentle femme fatale pay attention to the smoky accents.
A specific and naturally expressive.
Key to the natural expression are metal sheets and rayon jersey, while they are colors associated with them;

Spring 2013 color trend: Primary Circle

Let’s face it: Natural Expression and Daze Earth are both rather subdued interpretations of spring and summer of 2013. And if the spring / summer season is about nothing, a loud colors – hence the basic design options for a fashion trend Circle.
Energetic and striking shades of orange and pragmatic discussion secrete intentions. Grass green iridescence fuse melodic tones of Cherry Red undertones create a perfect union.
The main elements of unification.
Primary Key cloth wheels are made ​​of bamboo jersey and patent leather, while the trend colors are as follows;

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